What & Why?

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Babes Breaking Barriers is a platform created to inspire women all over the world to break down the barriers that stand in between them and the lives they’ve always wanted.  Here at Babes Breaking Barriers, we are able to tap into one of our most valuable resources…each other!

Operating under the “create the change that you would like to see” motto, we strive to build an environment where girls and women alike, may connect and work together towards turning their dreams into a reality, and inspire others to do the same.

By highlighting new  “babes breaking barriers” each month, we encourage women striving to make a splash in her field of choice by exemplifying what it means to be a woman for others. Babes Breaking Barriers provides a window into the fashion, medical, art, science, health & fitness, and philanthropy industries.

Being a Babe Breaking Barriers is about taking responsibility for the talents and blessings that have been given to you and using them for the greater good. Our goal is to celebrate and connect ambitious women and create change!

Babe Breaking Barriers…

…because inner beauty is an invaluable asset



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