Quick Guide to Getting Motivated- Babes Breaking Barriers + a free worksheet

Get Motivated.Reach Goals: A Quick Guide + A Free Goal Setting Worksheet

Quick Guide to Getting Motivated + A free goal setting worksheet

Do you feel like you’re constantly dragging? Can’t quite find that kick-starter to get you moving and your gears grinding? Not motivated enough to get out of bed before noon? Do you ever look at the girl who ran, read, cooked then ate breakfast, cleaned, and so on all by 10 AM and get jealous or just simply don’t understand? If you answered yes to any of these, no worries because for a while I did too. Maybe you have that paper or proposal to write, that website to design, or that that product for a client that you need to get finished. Fair enough, so how do you lose that, “I don’t feel like it,” feeling? How do you change the narrative from “I don’t feel like it,” “I can’t,” to, “I will,” “I can,” and, “I did”…?

OK! So it’s the end of March and you’ve already forgotten half of your resolutions for the New Year and are slacking (already) on the rest of them. It’s the same vicious cycle every year. I know, because I have been a leading culprit of this for years.

So what’s different for me this year? For me the key was dropping vague expectations with absolutely no game plan, and instead starting out on a road towards lifestyle changes. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight before summer,” I swapped that for, “I want to start eating cleaner and eating fast food less,” and gave myself a limited amount of and/or specific cheat days. Instead of saying “I want to get good grades,” I designated specific days and times that I had to do homework and study, and set reminders. The most failed resolutions are obvious, losing weight, quitting smoking, traveling, getting jobs or promotions, and saving money. Makes sense since these are common things most people battle with every year and even on a daily. So what are you doing about that? What REAL steps are you taking to get there? What’s your game plan?Quick Guide to Getting Motivated- Babes Breaking Barriers + a free worksheet

Try some of these helpful tips I discovered to help get me motivated and on the path towards accomplishing my goals.

  • Use your body to trick your brain when you’re dragging. Smile, laugh, move around, do a mini workout. Get your body and your brain moving.
  • Get organized. Clean your room/ workspace. Invest in calendars and planners. A few of my favorite are:
  • Take time to journal about what you need to get done and what needs to be done to make that happen. Or, simply make a few lists. Instead of list, do a similar task where you start in the middle of the paper and make task bubbles and connect them however they relate, similar to a Venn diagram.
  • Set goals.  Post them to hold yourself accountable
  • Practice visualization and speak goals into existence.
  • Create vision boards (blog post on these coming soon). Host a vision board party and invite your close girlfriends, your sisters, and your cousins! It’s also a perfect excuse to bust out the bottles of wine 😉
  • Make an inspiration board
  • Prioritize your to-do list.
  • Write steps and assign timelines. Goals without plans are just wishes! Click To Tweet
  • Make a schedule and stick to it!
  • Take time out in the beginning of the day for planning.
  • Put away distractions.  
  • Knock out those very small and quick tasks. You’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere as you check things off of you to-do list. I personally love the satisfaction of drawing a line through a task.
  • Do the hardest/longest things instead of saving them for the end when you’re burnt out.
  • Less multitasking. Focus.
  • Know when you’re on top of your game! Maximize this. Remember that motivation only lasts for so long.
  • Take breaks. Set limits don’t burn yourself out. Try something like, “I’ll do as much as I can in x hours.
  • Rewards/consequences. Examples for rewards: treats, social media or TV time (15mins-1hr), buy something you’ve been wanting, or give yourself a break.
  • Next, Check your progress!
  • Write affirmations and inspirational quotes on sticky notes and post them on your desk and around the room.
  • Get a buddy to do it with. This is especially helpful when it comes to working out and eating better.
  • Rethink your process. If what you’ve been doing isn’t working, change it up, make it a game even.
  • Control technology, don’t let it control you. Set a specific time during the day to get updated on all of your social media feeds.
  • Don’t sleep the day away. Trust me, I know this is a hard one, you may as well call me Sleeping Beauty!
  • Most importantly!! Appreciate what you get done instead of stressing over what you didn’t! Give yourself some credit.

What are you afraid of? The only outcome is getting sh*t done! Get up, reach those goals, and make yourself proud!

Free goal setting worksheet